UTMIS – The Swedish Fatigue Network

Knowledge and cooperation

UTMIS – The Swedish Fatigue Network – is a non-profit-making network of companies, research institutes and University departments working in the field of fatigue of materials.

We aim to support our member organisations work by providing and publishing information and spreading awareness of fatigue effects, closer cooperation between parties, improving levels of knowledge, performing projects to support work in the field and raising the profile of the area with research funding organisations.

UTMIS is operated as a non-profit-making association, financed by its members fees.

UTMIS is also Sweden’s national representative organisation for ESIS (Euopean Structural Integrity Society).

ESIS has personal members, in which it differs from UTMIS, which has companies or institutions as members.

Contact us

Torsten Sjögren, chairman
Tel: +46 10 516 52 49
e-mail: torsten.sjogren@ri.se
or info@utmis.org


c/o RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Box 857
SE-501 15 Borås

c/o RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

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    Box 857, 501 15 Borås

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    010-516 50 00

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