UTMIS Höstkurs 2021

Den 26-27 oktober hålls UTMIS årliga kurs inom utmattning. Kursens titel är “Environmental Effects on Fatigue in Nuclear Power Plants” och kursen hålls av Dr Jean Smith från Electric Power Research Institute, USA. Kursens innehåll är allmänt applicerbart på miljöeffekter inom utmattning även om exemplen i stor utsträckning rör kärnkraftverk.

Värd för kursen är Vattenfall AB i Ringhals norr om Varberg.

The content of the course is generally applicable to environmental effects in fatigue, although the examples to a large extent are taken from nuclear power plants.


Hotel recommendations
A number of rooms are pro-booked by Vattenfall at Kusthotellet in Varberg (mention Vattenfall and UTMIS when booking a room). The dinner will be held at Kusthotellet as well.
Alternative hotels: Hotell Fregatten, Hotell Fregatten, Hotell Gästis or Varbergs Stadshotell.

Conference location
The course will be held at Vattenfall AB, Ringhals, north of Varberg. Leave E6/E20 at exit 56 and follow the signs towards Ringhals.
You can reach Ringhals by bus 615. Please visit www.hallandstrafiken.se  for more information about buses.
Park your cars at the large parking place west of the conference location, drive towards the harbour and park on the parking place on the right-hand side.
You can reach the info center via a walkway between the conference location and the industrial area.

The course includes
•  Environmentally Assisted Cracking
•  Fatigue Testing Methods
•  Fatigue of Low-Alloy Steel and Stainless Steel in Air and Vacuum
•  Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Design, Components, and Loads
•  Environmentally Assisted Fatigue (EAF) in NPPs
•  EAF in High Temperature Water
•  EAF Regulatory Requirements
•  Current EAF Research: Laboratory Approaches and Analytical Solutions

About Dr Jean Smith
Dr. Jean Smith is the Program Manager of the International Materials Research (IMR) Program at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).  Jean joined EPRI in 2010, and her technical areas of responsibility have focused on irradiated materials testing, environmentally-assisted fatigue, and failure analysis support.  She currently leads research programs on behalf of the worldwide nuclear fleet to further the understanding of the effect of long-term neutron irradiation on the mechanical and microstructural properties of stainless steels, and she coordinates efforts to harvest materials from decommissioned nuclear power plants for use in research programs.

Since 2018, Jean has presented lectures at KTH on the environmental effects on fatigue in the Fatigue course, which until recently was led by Prof. Bo Alfredsson. She is co-supervisor for PhD candidate Mustafa Subasic in his research on environmental fatigue of stainless steels in nuclear reactor environments.

Previously, Jean was a corporate engineer at Exelon, the owner/operator of the largest U.S. nuclear power fleet,  providing support to the plants in the areas of materials degradation management, corrosion prevention, and component failure analysis.  She began her career in the petroleum industry as a metallurgist for Texaco Research and Development supporting all aspects of petroleum production including exploration, refining, and finished products.

Dr. Smith holds a Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical Engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology and Master of Science and Doctorate degrees in Materials Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York.  She also held a graduate research appointment at Argonne National Laboratory where she investigated the reduction of fatigue life of austenitic stainless steels exposed to light water reactor environments.  She is a registered professional engineer in the state of Illinois.

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